Your computer has errors?

It's a known fact that over 94% of personal computers have corrupt and potentially dangerous files with 200 or more errors on them! Problems with the Windows Registery are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages.  

Your PC is likely infected with Windows registery errors if it has ever experienced any of the problems:

• PC runs much slower than when you first bought it
• PC keeps crashing at critical times
• Unable to remove a software using add/remove dialog
• Slow to respond to Commands
• Receiving error messages and don't know why
• PC doesn't shutdown correctly
• Plagued by constant Blue Screens

What is Windows Registery?

In the Microsoft Windows operating systems, the registery is a single place for keeping such information as what hardware is attached, what system options have been selected, how computer memory is set up, and what application programs are to be present when the operating system is started. The registry is somewhat similar to and a replacement for the simpler INI (initialization) and configuration files used in earlier Windows (DOS-based) systems. INI files are still supported, however, for compatibility with the 16-bit applications written for earlier systems.

What is Registery Cleaner?

Registery cleaners are designed to keep your Windows registry in excellent working condition so that your system operates at peak performance.

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